Search Marketing News – How much bigger is the industry today?

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We are all aware of the new forms of marketing these days with more people searching on the search engines like google, yahoo, and bing. More people today turn to this in order to help them find what they are looking for. It could be the newest gadget they want to buy or even a Doctor to help them clean their teeth. Whatever their case, people want the best and they want it fast. There is no better place to look for it than on the internet.

It is projected that search marketing companies will be looking good for the future as Search Engine land just announced that in the next five years it will be an 80 billion dollar industry. You read that right. More businesses today are putting in the towels with their newspaper and billboard ads and spending that dollar else where. They no longer want to spend the five hundred dollars plus a month on YP and see very little if no return on their investment. They know they want to be in places that are much more popular where people are actively looking for their products and services every single day. To be successful these days, you want your business to be see on google, and preferably on the first page.

Let’s face it, you and I both know that we are constantly searching for anything want to find on Google whether it be a new watch, a new chiropractor, or even just to learn something new. They know that in order for their small business to be successful, they need to be found where everyone is looking. However, wanting and actually getting what you want are two different things. Small business have no idea how to get their business up in the search results. They don’t know where to start and they don’t have the budget or the knowledge to do paid advertising such as pay per click to get their business above their competition.

A wise decision would be to find someone who can help them. They need someone who understand how search marketing works and have the experience that can save them time, pain, and ultimately bring them extra dollars. Now that you’ve made the decision to go find someone to help you get found, that’s a huge first step. You’ve finally made the decision to start to get your business somewhere, but who do you contact first? After all, this is your business, and getting the wrong person to help you may actually not give you any results or worse yet, harm your business.

The best advice is to hire an expert. An expert search marketer who knows what they are doing and have proven them self to help others achieve what you want. For example, say your business is in the city of Dallas, TX. One of the fastest growing cities for new businesses in the country. If you want to find an expert in your area, you may want to search for them in the search engines. Such as: That way you know who the experts are and make a decision on the first few companies. This will let you know that they may be able to help you achieve success in your city because they have already done so by getting themselves seen by you in the first place. You can also do some research and reach out to them to see if they would be a good fit to work with you.

That’s as simple as it sounds but you may just find what you are looking for. The number one thing to look out for are people who promise the world and have little to no results to back it up. The second thing you must watch out for is not all pricing should be the same for all industries. Think about it. If you think the cost of marketing for a baker would cost the same for a surgeon in the city, turn the other way. These are two completely different businesses and may require more resources to get you the results you want. Whatever your field may be, do a little research and invest in a company that cares and you believe can you the exposure you need to be successful. It is your business after all so invest all your hard earn dollars into it wisely and it will pay off in more dividends than you can imagine for all the years to come.

What in the World are E liquid Companies doing?

One of the craziest things we’ve seen over the year is the creation of the new tech industry they call vape. The funny thing is, this new “tech” category doesn’t necessary apply to them in the sense of what they appear to be doing. A lot of times it looks like they are smoking. After further investigation, they are actually producing water vapor through a tiny flashlight type of technology. The thing is, some of them are basically fancy flashlights and some have a regulator on it to add bells and whistles.

The thing is, it’s doing incredibly well. It’s help millions of people get away from killing themselves through smoking something is not smoke, but a water vapor that helps ease their cravings. This mist they are inhaling gives them the dose of nicotine they crave. The one thing we know for sure is, they are not putting these things down anytime soon. They are still very habit forming so they still contain nicotine in them. This allows people who try to quit to get the dose they crave without all the harmful side effects, like cancer. However, there’s much more than meets the eye than a simple nicotine delivery device. It’s the flavors.

Magic Juice Shop

There are now companies that make really tasty ones such as The product they make are really exceptional in quality and the flavors are mouth watering. They take different types of flavors that naturally taste good by themselves, put it all together to make it even better, and top it off with the dosage you need to satisfy your cravings. The results? Over the past 3 years, the industry went from 1 billion dollars to 15 billions dollars. It is doing so well, that tobacco companies are trying to stop the movement by lobbyist fight for a cause they don’t really understand, or pretend that they don’t understand. We’re not going to get into the politics here, but basically there’s a lot of money involved, and everyone wants a piece of the action.

The problem is that the people who have made a ton of money by selling them cancer sticks, they are getting really upset. The new industry is really cutting deep into their bottom line. They want to shut them down by all means possible. Over the years, they have failed. Their answer? If you can’t beat them, join them! They went into the game hard by buying out the top companies in the industry and try do put the same products right next to the ones people are trying to get away from, the cigarettes they sell!

The good news is that everyone still have the choice to buy from companies they trust like These types of companies are the ones people can feel good about buying from because they care about cause and not about the money hungry people from big tobacco who just wants you to shove anything down your body, get you to stay hooked, and they laugh all the way to the bank.

Support your local suppliers. They are the mom and pops who wants to help people actually make better life choices and fight money hungry tobacco companies. They really want to help people save money, and live happier and healthier lives. Companies like also supports their local shops in order to supply to people who don’t have internet access, and yes there are people who still buy things by walking into the store, and buying physically.

The Reason why News and Directory sites are so popular

It’s been a long time since the latest dot com boom. That’s because the internet has been around for a while now. Far too many people around the world now has access to the net. There are over 1 in 7 people in the world who have a Facebook account. That is 1 billion people in the world who knows how to use the internet, create a profile online, and start connecting with others on the web. The internet has evolved greatly over the past decade and is increasingly becoming more depended upon in almost everything people do. With so much information going around the web, how do people even know where to start? The answer: Directories.

Sure you can say that search engines are the most effective way to find information online. However, the reason is there are just too much information online. Sometimes you get lucky and stumble upon exactly what you were trying to look for. Perhaps you were able to solve your problem. That isn’t always the case when digging for content online because there’s too much of it. Most of the time, it is content that isn’t good in quality because people just want to randomly throw things at the wall and hopes someday someone will land on that information and hopefully whatever it is they are offering, will benefit the reader.

As the internet grows, there must be a better way to organize different categories of niches online. This is where directories come into play. Directories help narrow down a certain business, group, or community together to not only make it easier for people to find them, but allow the right kind of audience to go where they need to go. That’s the big difference in these types of areas. Running these online directories also take a lot of management and fast internet hosting. With so much information, even directories can be cluttered with random information. You want to be able to get to a page, and be able to find the answer to your problem as soon as possible.

The internet is bombarded with information. Most of the time, it does not provide much value to the reader. The kind of information most people find online nowadays are usually just a way to capture your attention and tease you to your solution. Once they have you, they can then even offer that value you seek from them for a nice investment. They want to paint the big picture of what you want to achieve in your mind before you pull out your wallet to get what you want, your solution.

There are much better ways to go about to find the things you want online for free. You can look at a certain directory, forums, or find social media groups that is specific to your interests. This is the best way to find people who are already doing what you seek. Worse case scenario, you either met a new friend or learned something new that you may not find useful now, but perhaps later personally, or help someone new with what you’ve learned and be a problem solver for them. Either way, you win by paying it forward!